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Mobile Marketing and SMS Advertising is now possible on many levels. We provide sophisticated, easy to use mobile campaign management services to enable you to deliver your marketing message first time, every time.

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Bulk Stats

The tool provides a very full and clear view of their statistics in real time. Their detailed reports will provide a constant view of your traffic, with the advantage of being able to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

App Stats

An effective SMS marketing requires effective data collection and analysis. Easily manage your marketing through a simple yet powerful set of live online statistics tools which will provide you a baseline from which to measure and in certain cases a target on what to improve.

Wap Stats

A rapidly developing business process that applies mobile knowledge to develop new insights. Requirements analysis, business and technical assessment, effort estimation and scope of work. Including solution development, project planing, quality assurance, integration and system testing, user acceptance testing.

DataBase Stats

SMS Message history with status reports, scheduling of messages, outstanding support. Summaries and detailed information down to every submitted message is available. It is ready to get a very quicky optimization of the campaigns to adapt to each costumer.

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Advantages of Anytime, Anywhere Mobile Marketing

The highly portable nature of the mobile phone has changed the way people communicate. It makes customers and businesses available to each other anytime, anywhere and transactions can be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No more waiting for week days and working hours. This provides a tremendous opportunity for businesses to reach out to customers at critical moments.

Whether you are a high-tech vendor or an enterprise, as our customer you can rely on our expertise, delivery capabilities and quality-driven processes, helping you to successfully face new business challenges by turning technology solutions into a competitive advantage.

The market and competitive pressures within the changing industries have made time-to-market, customer experience, loyalty, optimal security and operational efficiency critical success factors.

We have the required global know-how in various industries, which in combination with our local competence enables us to help you address those challenges.

Mobile marketing enables advertisers to send out custom - made and personalized multimedia campaigns to lists of targeted audiences - enabling customers to respond directly. A few of the attractive features of mobile SMS marketing include:

  • Anytime, anywhere communication that is direct and immediate
  • Can be targeted to particular audience groups based on age, profession or gender
  • Cost effective
  • Huge potential for viral marketing as customers tend to forward messages in groups
  • Can be easily integrated in cross-media including TV, print and radio

With its interactive, measurable, and direct features, mobile marketing represents an enormous opportunity and is fast becoming the marketing channel of choice for organizations of all types.

Mobile marketing is highly interactive and personalized and has a powerful and immediate impact. By integrating mobile technology into existing communication campaigns, businesses enable their customers to take advantage of special offers, cash in mobile coupons, obtain additional, relevant information and receive alerts about events.